How to Track Your Facebook Profile Views

You probably have wondered now and then if it is possible to track your facebook profile views. There is a simple method I will be explaining in this post that will only take a few minutes to set up. For this method we will be using a free tracking software called StatCounter. Not only it is free but it is the easiest tool you will ever find this is the reason I chose it for this method. Go on and sign up for a free account here.

After you've signed up you will need to create a project. In order to do this click the Add Project button in the navigation bar at the top. There is one thing you need to keep in mind, you will need to choose the invisible type of tracker for this project as shown in the image below :

In the project url section insert

Chose a title for your project, something like "John Smith Facebook Account" so you will easily find it when checking your facebook profile views. We chose the invisible type of tracker so that nobody will know we are tracking our profile views on facebook, we want it to be our little secret right?

In order to generate the code for our tracking system click the Add Project button. We will need the HTML type of code which you will find on the Basic tab. Any other type of code will not work with your facebook profile. See the image below for guidance:

Now that you have generated the code you will need to go log into your facebook account and add the code to your personal profile. This can be done in a few different ways but to make it simple you will need to install the application called “MyStuff” by Gigya. Just enter the application's name in the search bar on facebook and allow it on your account. Personally I find this one the easiest to use. After you've installed the application simply click  "Add Code" and insert the code you've generated from StatCounter.

Everyone who will visit you profile will see a small blank space on the left hand side.

 Now every time someone will visit your facebook profile will be tracked by StatCounter and you will be able to see the view count number increasing as shown in the image below:

 This method does not promise anything like knowing who is actually stalking on your facebook profile as most of the scam applications promise but it is a legit and simple way of keeping track of your profile views number, in other words know how popular you are !